Norris marriage to Angela took a serious turn when they had a fight during a golf game.Norris moved back in with the Wiltons, took to drink, and buried Angela's golf clubs in their allotment.Angela went away for a few days and Derek jumped to the conclusion that Norris had murdered her and buried her in the allotment.

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Later, Norris needed a place to stay and turned up at the Wiltons.

Derek was obliged to ask him to stay, which he did, making the place home, much to Mavis' disgust.

Norris always pronounces Derek, Dirk and calls Mavis Mave. He lapped up all of Derek's sales theory, calling him old man and flattering him, which Derek lapped up in turn.

He was very taken by her and asked Derek for some advice on how to handle her.

Derek said you had to be firm, "Like Humphrey Bogart".

Angela clearly did like this, as she married Norris.Norris now works at Hawthorne's as Derek's boss and is a Square Dealer. He's all the things Derek wants to be and is constantly doing better than him.At this time, Derek was involved in Envirosphere - pyramid-selling environmental products like humidifiers. Derek persuaded Norris to start selling too, but he did extremely well.Norris said that he owed it all to Derek's training as a master salesman.Norris eventually moved out Getting short of cash, Derek got a job at Hawthorne's Stationery, owned by his ex-wife Angela.Norris met Angela at one of the Wiltons little soirees.