While working from home as a freelance writer has its definite benefits, it's also got its lows. Even though they have these big Alpha vampires protecting them they are still willing to put themselves in the l... Because I never want life to appear perfect or more pretty than it actually is. I loved how all the females in this series are very strong and independent. Read more of this blog post » Rulers of Darkness Box Set Review by Heather - Majorly Delicious I have really enjoyed reading this boxed set.

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I sincerely give props to those who do this regularly, because it take a bunch of time, a lot of thought, and some artistic skill. Read more of this blog post » -Todo empieza aquí... Un limitado espacio que a la vez se convierte en un mar de horizontes infinitos.

Son aguas frías, desconocidas, pero resulta ilusionante zambullirse en ellas.

Es entonces cuando la mente empieza a navegar y pierdes la conciencia de lo que te rodea, m...

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