I decided that I think to much of my self worth to bother with these loser,, and ladies take my advice save your money, time and effort go to a bar. I believe there's a lot of false profiles on there or customers that were previously on there but have left the site and not had their profile removed.I would be happy with a refund but believing there's nothing that they will do about it I'll count my losses.

As Business Insider's resident 23-year-old, I was obliged to poke around and try out some of the most popular dating apps.

For this story, I compared Ok Cupid, Tinder, JSwipe, Hinge, and Bumble — and I was surprised by the app that ultimately became my favorite.

Wud defo recomend this site bn using it 4 ages n had some nice dates wi nice ppl.

Mst importnt thng is u get sumthin 4 ur money wen sum sites u pay 4 mnths n get zero dates.

Another gd one 2 check out is wejustfit.com, jst joined n its pretty sweet, defo anutha gd 1 IMO most dating sites are a complete waste of time and money. You fill out your profile and what you are looking for but clearly most of the men can't read or comprehend what they read.

I always put I am interested in dating but would like to have a long term relationship, I am not looking for a hook up.What responses do I get all the time "what positions do you like", "do you like oral". lots of dishonest women (one old hag even put up photos of her daughter! lots of stupid women who think Brad Pitt is just around the corner waiting to devour their disgusting corpulent bodies 6.The men that I have encountered are the most ignorant uneducated bunch of losers. hordes of delusional single moms who think they are a good catch. If you're serious about a decent partner, contact women from 3rd world developing countries, you'll be glad you did, they are 10 times better in every respect than the trash on offer in your country.. The narcissitic deluded self-entitled gold-digging women on POF did me a huge making me lok elsewhere and finding a gem. I stayed with plenty of fish for quite a while, even paying for extra membership just to give it a second and third chance.Men to woman ratio is 0 if not more I m not joking you can easily check it out by clicking on anyones profile then find "rate pictures" and it supposed to give woman and man pictures for aproval a.k.a no nudes etc.And you will ONLY men pictures LITERALLY maybe once in a while you will see girl picture. Split up with my long-term boyfriend recently and always told myself if I was ever single again Id give this online dating game a go.Most of my girlfriends are on it either this one or another one, I think its called, and a lot of my boyfriends too!