However, it went to air in June 1978 after they changed their name to U2 and the TV show credits them correctly with their new name.04/00/1978 Eamon Andrews Studios - Dublin, Ireland Tonight, Trevor, Inside Out, Jack In A Boxcomment: After winning the Harp Lager Talent Contest in March 1978 and receiving the chance to record a demo funded by CBS, U2 play a short studio set on an unknown date in April 1978.Some sources state the songs played were Concentration Cramp, Night Fright, Inside Out, and Hang Up, but as bootlegged demos exist (with no other apparent origin) of the set starting with Tonight, we presently believe the above set is correct and the one including Concentration Cramp is not.11/01/1978 Keystone Studios - Dublin, Ireland Street Mission, Shadows And Tall Trees, The Foolcomment: U2 perform a short studio session produced by Horslips' bassist Barry Devlin.

Home / Various dates / 1978 - 1989 00/00/1978 Magnet Bar - Dublin, Irelandsetlist not availablecomment: The Edge joined The Citizens for a guest appearance on guitar at one of their shows.

The date of this performance is completely unknown.03/00/1978 Our Times - Dublin, Ireland The Foolcomment: U2, then still known as The Hype, make their first TV appearance on RTE's TV show Our Times.

This appearance took place in late February or early March 1978; a more precise date is not known.03/02/1978 RTE Studios - Dublin, Ireland Street Missioncomment: U2's first ever television appearance.

The performance, on the show Youngline, was filmed when U2 were still called The Hype.

New, much more polished versions of Out Of Control, Stories For Boys, and A Day Without Me were recorded for the Boy album in 1980.

This was U2's first session at Windmill Lane, where a number of subsequent albums were recorded by the band.10/00/1979 Aspects Of Rock - Dublin, Ireland Life On A Distant Planetcomment: U2 appear on Irish TV show Aspects Of Rock.12/00/1979 CBS Studios - London, England Another Day, The Dream Is Overcomment: U2 records a brief studio set with producer Chas de Whalley.

The exact date is unknown but it is known to have taken place in December 1979.

They jump on stage and play two songs before they are unplugged mid-way through the second song; Jones is on vocals and guitar, Boyle on guitar, Sweeney bass, and Larry drums.02/00/1979 Eamon Andrews Studios - Dublin, Ireland Life On A Distant Planet, Twilight, Another Time, Another Place, Alone In The Light, False Prophetcomment: On an unknown date in February 1979, U2 records a studio set for another demo.

The engineer is Dave Freely, and this recording of Twilight goes on to become the b-side of U2's second single, Another Day, in February 1980 (a new, much more polished version is recorded for Boy).06/00/1979 Windmill Lane Studios - Dublin, Ireland Out Of Control, Boy-Girl, Stories For Boys, A Day Without Mecomment: U2 records a brief studio session with producer Chas de Whalley; the exact date is unknown, and although we believe it might have taken place in June 1979, many sources simply say "mid 1979".