3) { if (Name=="Netscape") { win W = window.inner Width; win H = window.inner Height; } if (Name.index Of("Microsoft")! It became one of the top selling Nseries device during 20, and was also the first smartphone in developing markets to gain major sales.

This means that supported image, video and audio files can be placed almost anywhere in the file system and browsed easily, and in the case of MP3 audio files, by ID3 tag (e.g. Notably, Nokia supports firmware upgrades to the N73 to be made by the user via a module in Nokia PC Suite or directly over-the-air.

Besides the original edition, Nokia released three other variants of N73.

In addition to the basic N73, Nokia subsequently released the N73 'Music Edition'.

The 'multimedia button' on the keypad has been replaced with a button that starts the music player on the phone.

The Music Edition also includes a 2GB memory card and the phone is completely black.

The music player on the Music Edition supports album art and visualisations, while the regular N73 does not.

The Music Player application stays in the background at all time (even when music is not being played).

The majority of these applications support background execution; for example, one may listen to music while browsing the Internet, and then may switch to write a text message or e-mail, without having to close any applications.

With the exception of newer Sony Ericsson phones like K550 and W610, smartphones' typically cannot do this or can do it in only a very limited way; for example, only the music player can run in the background.

Java applications as well as Symbian (S60 release 3) applications can be installed to or removed from the phone by the user, using either the Nokia PC Suite software, which is included with the phone, or the installer application on the phone itself.

The N73 uses a database system for the supplied 'Gallery' applications (which permanently run in the background, in order to reduce seek and operation times) and again these databases can be updated locally on the device itself.