srisaikat , I Got USB to work only with DELL 4 GB flash disk which I formatted to FAT32. From my experience with it, One Star is actually too generous.

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This way, the slow Update Process is not hindered by dropped connections unavailable server etc.

2) It takes at-least a minute ( to be exact) to discover the DLNA Server. It goes thru 4 steps, 1) Initializing , 2) Connecting, 3) Checking Info 4) Waiting for reply.

3) It takes very long to discover the USB media also.

During the Update the Messages that appear on the screen have nothing to do with what is actually happening and it takes a long time.

I assumed that the Box had Hung When it stayed on "Authenticating" for a long time, So I kept restarting the Box.

I assumed authentication is sending my Mac/Serial number to the server and should take no more than a few seconds.

I Prefer Onkyo Firmware Update Over the USB, there you download the firmware and copy it to USB and use this to update the device.

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