Note: by the time our order had arrived there were eager diners stretching the length of the large front window, peering inside and Instagramming in an attempt to quell their lust.

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We opted for a couple of their combination sets which include a scaled-down bowl of either Shio (salt), Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso or Kara Miso (spicy miso) ramen, as well as a rice bowl and sides.

As an addition, we made sure to sample the renowned Toroniku ($6.90) separately.

Simply fanned out with a hefty pile of shaved green onion, the Toroniku was a serious hit.

They wouldn't give up the specific secrets behind their preparation of the dish, but they use only the "rarest of pork cheek" comprising only 200-300g of meat on each pig.

The meat is simmered over many hours so that it melts on the tongue, and yields its array of deep, sweet flavours.

My personal combination was comprised of Kara Miso ramen, Ikura Gohan (salmon roe on rice), and a small side of half a soft-boiled egg and a few strands of Shibazuke (Japanese style pickle, .90). The spiciness of the broth is a nice change from the typical sweet and salty that comes along with most other tonkotsu preparations, and the soup is velvety nonetheless.The noodles are crinkly and hold the flavour of the broth nicely.Santouka Ramen is yet more proof that the Toronto ramen craze is at a steady boil.A Japanese original dating back to 1988 with many international outposts, Santouka is happily profiting from the Toronto hype-machine that has hungry trend-seekers waiting in the cold for hours to sample their famed recipes.Never a supporter of a line myself, I opted against the wait on my first two attempts to dine there.But on our third try, my friend and I scored a table after a 20-minute wait.