It’s so distracting, in the car (I mean, if you’re looking at the camera, who’s driving?

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But maybe you should scoot your own clothing out of the way, meaning not in a rumpled pile on the bench.

And don’t forget to kick your own shoe out of the photo as well, it just looks cheap.

Otherwise though, you should have bought the dress and shoes, because they look great on you!

I like to call this one: “Hot-mess and a Cat” There’s a hot sugar baby in the photo, can you find her?

Commonly referred to as “What Not to Wear“, the Sugar daddy dating faux pas are very similar in nature, there are just things that you should not post when it comes to your online profile. I took the liberty of pulling some samples from Sugar Sugar in order to point out some profile photo flaws.

Some were entertaining (sorry sugar babies), and some just won’t show up as “sexy” on a sugar daddy’s radar.My biggest pet-peeve regarding sugar baby profiles though, is the hand-held camera phones!Either you’re taking photos in your bathroom, using your plastic shower curtain as a backdrop, making some face like you didn’t know you were holding your own camera on yourself to take a picture!Is it that hard to pick up a little to take a quick photo? Use the rag at your feet to wipe off the coffee table that’s covered in mess.And kick your pussy out of the photo too, I’m kidding, kitty can stay…But what is kitty playing with, certainly not a little mess of it’s own?I’m not sure if you can tell, but off to the left in the photo there’s more mess to discover, it’s just off camera…hmmmm I like to call this one: “I Don’t Care” The mirror is covered in toothpaste film, the twin sized bed is messy and rumpled, there’s a two week old styrofoam cup and bottle of who knows what prescriptions sitting on the counter.