From the same download, you also get Skype Video Preview.When you open this app, there's a preview from the front facing camera on top and the call history at the bottom.Tapping one of the names in call history immediately calls that person via video.

You can choose a Skype or typical SMS-style when creating a new message.

You can also dynamically switch between Skype and SMS within a single conversation as long as the contact's information is linked together (Skype and personal number).

Messaging Skype Preview also asks if you want it to be the default messaging app on Windows 10 Mobile.

You can change this default behavior by going to the settings within the app.

We like this app because it's a fast way to initiate a Skype video call.

Download Messaging Skype Preview from the Store if you haven't done it yet and let us know what you think in the comments!

Hidden emoticons or smileys are those icons which generally can't be found in the official emoticon menu of the instant messaging program that you are using, even though they're standard and official smileys.

We've been playing with the unified Messaging Skype Preview app for Windows 10 Mobile that was recently updated.

It integrates Skype messaging into the native text messaging app on Windows 10 Mobile.