Clue number two was when someone stole the remaining one and a half cases of ultram samples out of the MD's office on the unit. Old timers just shook their heads and said "yep, same thing when valium came out... Hope I am so proud of you for NOT resorting to Tramadol in an emotionally charged situation. Would anyone here know whether this might be a permanent result of taking tramadol for a long time, or might these symptoms eventually disappear? It showed me just how bad our system of Medicine is in the US. meaning it randomly effects the brain and the anti depressant having to come on out at the same time. I don't want to scare any newbies into thinking that they will have the same kind of withdrawal. But with good nutrition and vitamins and aminos you will recover 100%. Love and Healing, Emily There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the light of The Tramadol Express shining straight into your face! You will have Holidays without the Horrible Tramadol. i feel okay in the morning and then about 1 pm it strikes. it makes feel much less isolated that i am the only one not feeling wonderful. did this nasty chemical we all took, poison some organs that are struggling to throw it off, and are tired out by it? they think they are being objective and scientific , but it is actually incredibly prejudiced. I'll look into the Rhodiola, although I haven't heard of it and it may not be availabe in Australia. coffee laced with vanilla (thanks Sue) in the morning. No longer will I plan my vacations around my tramadol supply.

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AND, every tramadol related seizure I saw did not seem related to how high a dose the person was taking; RATHER was in instances where someone markedly INCREASED their dose. Peace and strength everyone, Sue i just realized that emily's first post was made back in august. They put me on it because the Tramadol was causing me to have massive anxiety attacks. So that was creepy and bad and I went back on after 60 days because I did not have lessening symptoms. Courage and strength to all who are still in the cage. 30 hours into a cold turkey (forced) is really desperate and scary. I am really sorry you have all this pain and withdrawal. It'll be 3-4 days if past examples have served ... i ve been on thses stupid pills for a couple of yrs medicating myself of course.

I think the confusion is in that seizures are common when withdrawing from sedatives (alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazapines etc). My experince has been that on talking to someone who had "seizures" during tramadol withdrawal, it turned out to be "tremors"... NEXT, FOR THE DOCS (if any are still reading): My OPINION is based entirely on my observations these last 12 years... Clinical picture of tramadol withdrawal is similar to any short acting opiate. so i guess i can assume the energy problems are okay now. Honda2I sent these to my Older Brother and he replied, "Nothing a little Duct Tape can't fix! So I have been on Xanax (welcome to a land of reflex panic attacks when the short acting Xanax leaves) and Ativan which I swear was a sugar pill. Fred i have been taking well everything i am an addict i am on 30 hrs now with no tram i would rather be coming off heroin havent slept in 30 hrs been taking 20-50 trams a day for 3 yrs now i have to be to work in 2 hrs as a waitress how and the **** am i going to get through this day? i cant beleive the diff in withdrawls id rather be coming of methadone or jump off a tall building lol.

Severity of withdrawal can be estimated by considering that each 100 mg tramadol oral (hx daily use) will be roughly equivalent of 10 mg morphine (IV daily use) in severity of withdrawal symptoms. well, it still helped to read that at day 47 , someone was still whacked . " SO needless to say, this activated my back pain ... It was awful timinmg cause I HAD NO BACK PAIN cause the Tramadol was causing the pain! i am already having pins and needles and want to kill someone if they look at me wrong (not literally) i of course ran out way too early 200 in 7 days supposed to last me 3 wks mydr is not on call so i cant get an early refill, of course i came up w/a lie that my car got repoed and my pills were in there im a big fat liar i ate everyone of those little white pills,im sick of lies and living the tram life i want to wake up and be me and i sit here balling my eyes out thinking of where does my dr live? here it is 5 am and wondering if i shouldcall my dr at 7 am get another script for 200 pills and in 7-10 days i will be out again then what???

Second day after we had been giving a couple folks ultram, started noticing that nurses didn't need to go find patients when time for their next dose of ultram... Its 40 minutes into 2009, and I want to wish all of you the very best. There isn't any way I would put the white pill back in my mouth at this point. stomach symptoms back in force, the sick, headachey , wierd , but intolerable feeling that doesn't go with anything but tram withdrawal. i am wondering if is because i overdid the garden clean up and pruning extravaganza i did yesterday. do certain things bring on the symptoms , or is it entirely random? I'm not planning on turning over my life or health to ANY doctor again" ditto. these two were good ones, really cared alot, and made sacrifices of their hearts and minds and lives. Part of that is that I have a legitimate inury, part of it is that I was in a car accident a mere 4 months back and part of it is that I took Tramadol. What was the most insane to me in early withdrawal was my inability to predict HOW I would feel. My best time is later in the evening, which of course is when you have to go to sleep.. I was never I morning coffee person, but I am now... No longer will I go to my doctor's office with my hat in my hand.

Hey, just stumbled into this list looking for some stuff on neurotransmitters. My first acquaintance with "ultram" 12 years or so ago was when the drug rep brought us several cases of ultram samples. Great that at least we could do something about the pain while we tried to get them through withdrawal. I guess I am more than 30 days FREE of this devil drug now. my father was one and i had a boyfriend who was one. I had a MEAL of them, and it still didn't work. In fact I still feel that facing the day is like walking into a slime pit.. But I am gratetful that I had that moment of clarity, coupled with the glimpse of HOPE that this room provided, such that I even ventured to believe that I could get off this lousy white pill. Millions of people right now are believing the lies that they are being fed that tramadol is a tolerance free/withdrawal free, innocent drug, that poses no risk of harm. So when I think of the millions of people who are still believing the lies, I am utterly grateful to longer be addicted to this drug.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http*** noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at a.m. I am an addiction counselor for last 18 years on a hospital detox unit. near the end there was a short paragraph; something like "potential for abuse and dependence considered minimal." Went on to say that it had been used in Europe for a couple years and only 4 )if I recall correctly) caabuse/dependence had occured. we often DID have to detox people from opiates who had genuine pain. Everything I did and said and thought revolved around the pills. This is a new beginning, and I feel great about it.( Of course there are those sneaky little moments that kinda throw me back to the beginning of w/d, but at least I know they will go away, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.) You all have become a part of my life now, and I truly care about each of you. Positive thoughts to you all, suzi Arrrg, my hard drive crashed some days back and naturally, my new one didn't know it's way back to the old site, let alone to this new site. But alas I am back with my "tramadol family" Happy New Year all! Some people who have contacted me have told me I had a very severe withdrawal. If it doesn't work at the dose recommended on the bottle, it probably won't work for you at all. Emergee, I smiled when I saw "how much Valerian do you need to get it to work".. like this starts at such and such date, gets better by... I am sure that people are discovering life without tramadol who never post here at all.patients were at the nurses door eagerly awaiting it. We backed off on frequency of use, but still did use on occasion. I truly feel this site saved me, from tramadol, and from myself as well. I wish I could say I am "symptom free", but I still do experience occassional neuropathy (like pins and needles still in my feet and random other places in my body). Yes of course I know what you mean by "I WAS Tramadol." Been there. This drug stole from me, lied to me and cheated me out of many years. This is due to Tramadol's "analgesic qualities" ... (it's in here somewhere in the journal) Happy New Year! are there any medical people out there who understand what whacks the adrenals? BUT in my experience doctors are deeply deeply programmed by their training. they are sceptical of the patient, but believe the medical literature. strong and thick and laced with vanilla (which apparantly is a mood enhancer - even if it isn't it tastes goood). No longer will I count the pills left, divide by the days left in my RX cycle, and then take the quantity I wanted to anyway.Please allow me to offer some thoughts that occured to me while reading your posts. It really was like my brain had to reattach because Tramadol had fried it a bit. i believe i have had success with rhodiola for stamina. I remember so well waking up for work feeling like I had been in a fight. Hard to say if that was my brain and olfactory noseth reaction or if I smelled different. remember that this is normal for Tramadol withdrawal. it is stored of course in the liver and kidneys ... I took SAMe, and for a time it worked, then stopped. And I am grateful that my band of tramadol warriors have been here in my times of need. We cannot win the war if/when we would WINK at the enemy. Ivan blew the teenager sweet kisses and the teenager returned the favor. For a time, Ivan combed the teenager's hair with his large pink brush. Ivan climbed on the boy and jumped up and down on him. By Day 10 was "functioning." If you can get into a hot bath and put mineral salt/Epsom salts into the water it will help. It's like being really sick with the flu (worst you ever had), while having a migraine headache with neurological symptoms and having an emotional/spiritual breakdown. take care, rest when you can (I know, I know) I am sending you positive thoughts right now.........FIRST: Theres a lot of conflicting information about seizures on the list. l-tyrosine does get you awake and alert and some energy. Ok so from my experience, when I felt really good and would do some gardening or exercise, I would pay for it .. Yes as far as I can tell it is stored in MANY places, including fat cells. Since I'm still feeling like a useless lump of humanity now, I may give it a go again and see it it helps. Not appreciating the strength or potential anger of the gorrilla, the boy began petting the animal. Then Ivan started throwing chairs and tires at the boy. It let's us sing it's praises and we feel that we have found a mild mannered solution to what ailed us. I used The Thomas Recipe to get thru and it helped me. It really is true, if you need a smokescreen; having the flu will get you there. I stopped feeling like the end was coming after 3 days I think but they were the longest 3 days of my life. I dont know if you have a support system at home, but if there is someone you can trust, tell them so they can help. suzi i did go to work but would have like what i would call blackouts my mind was so foggy, god i hate these pills i always felt proud of saying im on a non-narcotic pain releiver like i got off of percocet,vicodin,cocaine,alcohol all by myself but these tramadol non habit forming as well lol is to even put it mildly is pure hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've never seen an Yone have a seizure in tramadol WITHDRAWAL. but i got through the garden cleanup day with rhodiola. on a blog a woman said her husband came back from iraq with adrenal fatigue, no suprise there, and rhodiola was the only thing that helped. Hi Emergee; Yes, I would go with adrenal fatigue because treating it in the same way you'd treat adrenal fatigue worked. In the years that I was on the drug, major life things happened - three deaths of people very close to me, for example (nursing my mother through her death being the biggest). What I did was decrease from the higher levels to lower with .25 mg less. Doctor Groovy told me to take it twice a day, which I tried and it messed me up. I decreased .25 mg every 2 weeks or until I "felt" like I could go lower. Nope, once you get in the cage with Ivan, it isn't over until Ivan says it's over - or...until you can manage to get your butt out of the cage. And then it begins to toss us around the cage of life. If that isn't enough, you can get fake Bronchitis. only if you can't tell anyone what is going on ... I found it was best to get extremely angry and approach it like a Full out War. I can't really think of anything to say that will make it any less frightening but we all know what you are going through and my thoughts are with you. great blog......i took ultram last summer when i was going through inerfuron man, that stuff is definantly a wolf in sheeps clothing not onlt did i feel like i was detoxing off an opiatte i felt like i was detoxing of paxil too strange med, ulrtam also made me psyco!!! Your probably feeling as bad as its gonna get at this point, so hang in there. it has been around48 hrs maybe since my last trammys work was horrid i was so spaced out and slow like a moron came home called everyone i know to ask them if they had any trams sick sick **** isnt it no one did so my neighbor gave me 3 trazadones i took every vitamin i had in my house sucked down some cough syrup slept till 3 am and here i am the shocks or pins have actually subsided and so have the cold sweats i thought from 4pm till i took those trazadones at 7 i was gonna jump out my skin i couldnt sit still my body hurt so bad..... now here i sit wanna call my dr @ 7 am and ask him to fill my script early and tell him some lie as to why or finish going thru hell what to do ???????????Have seen several people have seizures when TAKING tramadol. It is as though I didn't do the process right because of my addled Tramalled brain, and so I have to do it now. Just think, after going through all this, we'll be invincible! I feel like I was lucid enough to know when I could drop it down. Because I thought it was the drug that was making me nuts. So the last time I went off it I was NOT very careful with my taper, I had no Doc Groovy. And it won't let go until TRAMADOL TELLS US IT' S OVER - OR until we find a way to climb out of the cage with this beast. I am hoping you called in sick, Have you been able to sleep at all? I also kept a file with copy and pasted info on withdrawal in my computer because I found I could NOT remember what to do when the symptoms started. I will hope that you get off work and get into a bed with lots of supplies to ease withdrawal. i do know several people in recovery who are taking ultram, i have no problem with that, one just had a masectomy, other back surgery, but they know the risks xo To addic42long- I just wanted to say that a lot of us have been where you are, and yes, it is he77! i was diagnosed w/fibro about 9 yrs ago when i lived in wi my doc had me on percs and vicodin (lortab) i came to fl abot 1 1/2 yrs ago quit the percs and vicodin and did not feel a pinch of what this feels like after 6 yrs of being on the "real narcotic" as the med proff would say.