Experience the new Cat 415F2 Backhoe Loader with features including spacious operator station, optional pilot controls, superior durability and outstanding performance.

New longer grab handles and ergonomic step placement makes it easy to maintain three points of contact when getting in and out of the cab.

Mechanical controls provide the feedback operators look for in trenching applications.

Low effort hydraulics reduce operator fatigue while maintaining performance.

Optional joystick controls allow the operator to customize the pod location and control pattern.

Brake mode selector switch has three positions: two wheel drive, two wheel drive with all wheel braking and four wheel drive.

Two wheel drive with all wheel braking provides better tire life while roading and engages the front axle when brakes are applied for improved braking performance.Brake mode selector is included in the 4WD package.Other features include: The optional Ride Control System smoothes the ride in all conditions, including load and carry, highway roading or simply moving around the job site.The result can be increased operator comfort, potentially reducing operator fatigue, and improved material retention.Bright and large LCD screen makes it easy to monitor machine operation and settings.LED indicator lights and audible alarms allow the machine to clearly communicate with the operator.