Born and raised in KCMO, William Eric Clifton a.k.a Sedated has came poverty, walking up and down Topping being a force in the underground, walking on stages in Minsk.William started his musical journey from only circumstance. From the moment the bond was established, William set his artistic journey into motion.

When it comes to the Sedated projects and material, most all production is done in-house and hands on.

The lyrics are not your average make-up as many artist in the underground markets.

William developed his talent thru writing poetry in the beginning.

There is a lot of thought put into every track he records.

sedate ( comparative more sedate, superlative most sedate) sedate ( third-person singular simple present sedates, present participle sedating, simple past and past participle sedated) sedate; st.

With only a year off his first co-headlining international tour of Russia, Ukraine, & Belarus, Sedated continues gaining a regional and global buzz.

Featured in many publications this year, Midwest Music Awards 2015 Hip-Hop artist of the Year, Sedated has been growing at an advanced rate.

Coming from the Mid-West is one of the most dynamic Hip Hop Artist from Kansas City, Missouri.

You can notice this on tracks like "One Day" and "True Will".