I mean your in a wasteland you could die the next second over anything seems logical to atleast try for happiness. Verionca wanted a leggy brunette female i made one and the dialoge was stil the same as if i was dangling. Fix them Iron Sights up good, i want genuine high end FPS quality iron sights 2.

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Doing this you pick of the enemies one by one till its safe to go in and finish off the rest.

Using the weather to your advantage adds strategy and badassery. Skills level up like Skyrim: I liked how skills improved in Skyrim based on how much you used the skill.

I want to have it where if i manage to take more accurate shots with my guns then my gun skill levels up. Better Looking Gibs: In Fallout i liked how if your slice/slash/shot/smash/blast was directed at a certain limb then that limb disconnected as a gib. How would a shotgun to the knee leave a perfectly clean slice that you would get from a bladed object? Developer: Obsidian (added a fan Bethesta own the rights to the fallout series not obsidian so Bethesta should make and publish the game.) Publisher: Interplay Rating: M Release Date: October 23, 2013 Keep most of the New Vegas equipment, obviously add more guns/ammo/armor, but... As bad as Skyrim was, add some functionality from it (Sprinting, vehicles, etc.).

If you slice/ hack/ or slash a limb it should look like a clean cut. Considering Bethesda undercut FNV for Skyrim, the least they could do is redeem themselves by adding it back into F4. Add simulations like Anchorage to give more insight into the pre-War insanity and espionage, maybe even something in Europe, or something the day of the War. I'm surprised that The Big Apple was not Black Isle's first choice. Make energy weapons they badass collectors items they truly are.

-Multilayer -Destroying buildings (unless quest related) -Getting married -Changing how to improve skills or the skills in general -Having more than 1 companion (you'll be overpowered) -Pip-Boy or the inventory system layout -Being able to give custom commands to npc's -Graphics increase (They're just fine) -Riding vehicles (nuclear power is to scarce) -Keep unique weapons (yes some people want to get rid of them) -other country settings like Russia or China, the vaults are in USA -Getting rid of Brotherhood of Steel (They make up this game) -Adding starting classes -Adding sex.

-An increase to either level 75 or 100(whichever is realistic) -A house or location to easily display rare weapons and armor, I love collecting stuff in RPG's -The ability to drop quest items if the quest is failed or complete, they take up space -Certain addictions offer perks like a jet addiction increases speed but makes you loose health or crave food -A better unarmed skill more than uppercuts stuff like kicks or headbutts -A new trowing weapon skill to have a higher percentage of received thrown weapons like spears or increases the distance too.

-New flamer weapon ammo types like napalm or thermite fuel -The return of certain weapons (except unique weapons) like the assault rifle, Chinese swords, the axe, alien guns (including the Alien Blaster), Auto-Axe, The MIRV (An exception to unique weapons), Deathclaw Gauntlet, Dart gun, Railway Rifle, Microwave Emitter, Mesmotron, .32 guns, (another exception of unique guns) the Zhu-Wong Chinese Pistol (including regular Chinese pistols), and Euclid's C-Finder (logically the satellite would still be powered and operational) 3.) List of new items: -Gas Mask -Rad powered gun (either by being radiated or finding radioactive waste) -Tommy Gun -AK-47 -Rad Grenade -Smoke Grenade (to stay hidden or call support of a faction -Underwater Assault Rifle and Pistol (They are real and the ammo looks like a dart which is a 5.66 caliber round) -BB Pistol -Bows or crossbows or both -Riot Shield, can be combined with a one-handed weapon like a pistol or a knife -Sound based gun -Potato Gun (There are all kinds of fresh potatoes lying around) -Mortar (60MM) -.22 Rifle Senko's wishlist: 1.

Instead of 'easy to forget' un marked quest take the skyrim route and make the misc/ objectives with have a map icon and tells you what your goal is like a regular quest. Get married or atleast build a relationship and have children if in an opposite sex relationship. I want the world and its inhabitants to be Physically, Mentally, and spiritually change by my desicions much like in the first two Fable games.

If you break and smash it the physics should show when you move the body that its flopping around like a wet noodle. Make them nigh-OP guns that are difficult to find, difficult to use, and incredibly rewarding to master. Find a better way to work them in than that godawful Mothership Zeta. Multiple paths, multiple ending, playable after ending. Vegas was the first game in the series to allow different paths, the good (NCR), the neutral (House) and the bad (Legion), and, although it was cool, you didn't know what became of the denizens of the Mojave. There's a fine line between challenging yet fun and challenging and painful. I nuked Megaton and proceeded to give gallons of water to Carlos, walking away with "Very Good". IRL, using nuclear weapons on the innocent will not be redeemed by giving water to the drug-addled bum down the street. No coddling the player with little radiation and people living it up in cushy hotels with running water while properly armed military's duke it out. We want to see people killing each other for scraps and dirty urban homes.