He has since been identified as Romain Dauriac who used to be a magazine editor and now has a vague “creative director” job title. This is what you do in your 20s: you date ad guys, you date pseudo-thinkers, you get caught up with artists and their art and their wearing of dark-rimmed glasses and stubble and plaid in the pursuit of the artist’s art…BEFORE you get married. And she looks glorious for it, although that may have something to do with the fact that Jessica Biel chose to dress like - as many of you have pointed out - a cross between Dorothy Zbornak and Helen Roper last night at the premiere.Anyway, Scarjo spent some time in Paris earlier this fall and then came back and broke up with Nate Naylor so…overlap? Scarjo’s in Rodarte and it’s young and fresh and sexy and … When this girl is on, and I mean this to be complimentary, she makes my mouth water.Attached - Scarjo with Romain on October 16 having lunch in NYC.

The ‘Iron Man 2’ actress Scarlett Johansson seems to found a new man, after she has been allegedly linked with the high-profiled stars like Sean Penn, Justin Bartha and Kieran Culkin.

The ‘Ghost World’ star Scarlett Johansson was alleged to be dating New York City based advertising executive Nate Naylor.

It was also reported that, the alleged couple has been dating for five months.

The ‘Horse Whisperer’ actress were also spotted again on Saturday, where she placed her arm around his waist after a gym workout.

Scarlett split from Sean Penn last June, after being together for five months, as it was alleged that Sean does not want to be tied-up with her.

In the same month, she got her divorce finalized from Ryan Reynolds, after they have been married in 2008 followed by their separation in 2010 December. However, she was also recently alleged that, she was dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though it was not confirmed.

The NY Post reported today that Scarlett Johansson’s been seen around town with a new French boyfriend.

reports emerged, after they have been spotted together strolling down the Big Apple streets over the weekend.

Reportedly, the couple is keeping their relationship low key, as Nate is not famous, which Johansson likes it very much.

The 27-year-old ex-wife of Ryan Reynolds seemed to be totally smitten with her new beau Nate Naylor.

The songstress was nor shying to flaunt her affection with her new love, despite knowing that they are being watched by cameras.