Why do you continue to let her come visit as often as she wants to?Why haven’t you made clear to your husband that it’s time for him to defend you and quit letting his mother walk all over you?Get a backbone and tell your husband to do the same! The next time your in-laws say they’re coming to visit, tell them it isn’t a good time.

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After a lot of discussion and hesitation (mostly on my end because I had a bad feeling that my MIL, whom I don’t get along with, would want to control everything about the house, even though we would buy it from them, because it had been hers forever and she is VERY controlling), my husband talked me into it.

Anyway, I have not been able to get over this, and I am struggling with being around them.

They come and stay with us ALL the time, and I am polite but I strongly dislike them and it’s getting worse.

I thought over time maybe I would get over it, but I can’t. — Tired of My Controlling MIL Honestly, as much as your MIL sounds like a piece of work, the real problem here isn’t with her, it’s with your and your husband’s inability to stand up to her.Why on EARTH would you agree to buy her house when she made so clear how little regard she had for you?After we told them that we were interested, my MIL said that they would be doing an “owner finance” deal for us.They would pay off the house and have the house sale written up by a real estate lawyer so they were our bank and it would only have my husband’s name on the paperwork and NOT MINE.Even though we were planning a wedding and had a baby together at the time, my MIL still excluded me from everything.When my husband asked her why she was insisting on doing an owner finance deal, she said right in front of me: “That way YOU are protected and WE are protected.” She then told me I had to save a room for them in our house for when they came to visit, and she also tried to control EVERYTHING I did with the house, including all of the updates I made.