The emotional tenor of one leads directly into the healing effects of the next, moving you ever closer to stability and a place where you can believe you will love again. If someone had said that to me a month ago, though, I would have wanted to punch them, so bookmark this and come back in a week or so if you need to. Side note, Meryl Streep is so young and lithe and beautiful in this movie you'll probably start thinking hateful things about yourself, so handle with care. John Cusack counts down through the top five break ups of his whole life, and there's some great music along the way.This movie has a lot to say about relationships and messing things up and being unhappy and making terrible decisions so let it wash over you, take it all in and meditate on it.

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The end of my first serious relationship wasn't a surprise to me, I ended it myself. For someone who has very little self control, breaking up with someone you still want to be with (but shouldn't for a variety of reasons) is difficult.

All you want is to crawl back in, to call and explain you were wrong, so wrong, but I knew that what I had done was right, which was even worse.

It came at the end of a difficult year, losing a job I had loved for five years and dealing with a host of other ill-timed and depressing things.

The real impact of ending my two year relationship hit a day or two later on a Sunday night.

I wanted to watch "Breaking Bad" because I couldn't take a chance on spoilers, but I also found myself wanting to cry a lot.

So I did both, and just kept turning the volume up as I continued to cry harder and harder.

It would have made sense to stop and turn it off, but doing anything at all other than staring and crying felt impossible. I wondered if this would be my new life, sobbing while accomplishing various tasks and then got annoyed at myself for thinking something so trite and dramatic. Finding yourself and ending a relationship sometimes has an incredibly high cost, and this movie is really more about divorce and selfishness and having to handle things by yourself when you weren't ready for it.

Here's a guide to emotional recovery, a kind of break-up playlist, but for movies. You're probably gonna feel a whole lot worse before you feel better. This movie knows where you're at, as it's all about the desire to erase a maddening relationship from your mind. When those credits start fifteen minutes in, and Jim Carrey is sobbing in his car, and Beck sings "Everybody's gotta learn sometime..." you will know that another person is as shattered and destroyed as you. For added pain, begin to relate to both the son and Dustin Hoffman.

Small town life gets complicated when the town playboy starts dating an innocent.

The two of them struggle to make things work, and this is in the "relationships are so hard" portion of the list, if that tells you anything. Like Crazy might hurt you the most, because it's perhaps the most realistic about the difficulties and stupidity of young love so it's right in the middle of the pack.

You can remember the good times more vividly and the devastation that comes from giving love your all.