Rob & Big often work as partners through Rob's many business endeavors, giving viewers a glimpse into the entrepreneurial life of a professional athlete by going beyond the skate park.

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Rob & Big is an American reality TV show that chronicles the day-to-day lives of professional skateboarder (and entrepreneur) Rob Dyrdek, and his bodyguard Christopher Big Black Boykin.

The friendship of the two men is the main feature of the show and the main source of humor that draws in millions of viewers.

Their off-the-wall shenanigans throughout the series gained them fame within the reality TV world.

Each episode details a task or exploit that the men search to complete, not only in the L. home they share but with many travels around the country.

Rob & Big continues to be a hit though new episodes no longer air.

The show is a great example of the love and camaraderie in lasting friendships.After finding "hooker gloves" on his dresser, Rob decides he is tired of always dating "Dirty Girls" so Big goes on My Space and puts out a bulletin to find a nice girl for Rob. Also in this episode, the guys purchase remote controlled helicopters but have troubles learning to control them.These include eating contests, obtaining Guinness World Records, purchasing and showing a miniature horse, recording a song, and even attempting time travel.Along for the ride in Dyrdek's posse: is his cousin and assistant Christopher Drama Pfaff, his 2nd bodyguard Rashawn Bam Bam Davis, and Meaty the bulldog.While following the main characters of Rob Dyrdek and Big Black the show has also hosted other big names with appearances made by Three Six Mafia and Steve Berra.The men also create their own alter egos with Big Black as male stripper Black Lavender and Rob as Bobby Light, his own version of a soul-full one hit wonder.