Elsa is sad because Jack does not love her anymore.Jack wants to be an attorney and his time with Elsa is short.

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Mouth burning with pain from eating too much hot sauce?

Don't reach for the glass of cold water—it will only make things feel worse.

Instead, reach for a glass of milk, a lemon slice, a spoonful of sugar, or some starchy bread to dilute the painful heat on your tongue.

Milk contains the protein casein, which helps break up the capsaicin that causes the burning sensation from eating too much spicy food, so other dairy products such as sour cream, ice cream, butter, yogurt, and cheese can also help alleviate the pain.

Additionally, some people swear by gargling warm water in their mouth and spitting it out in the sink to dilute and remove the spices coating their tongue.

Got your own favorite tips for cooling down your mouth?

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