Ideally, you shouldn't answer your phone in the middle of dinner.If you did, tell your caller you'll call them back after dinner. If you are at lunch on a workday, and your client or boss is calling, excuse yourself from the table when answering it.If you really really have to talk at the table, do so quietly. This is in consideration that you will not be a disturbance to other people at the restaurant.

Cell phones should be turned off or placed in silent mode whenever you are in a restaurant.

If it is a fine dining restaurant, the cellular phone etiquette is to switch it off completely.

It is quite rude to "keep watch on your cell phone" especially when you are in the company of others.

The less formal the restaurant, the more casual you can be with your cell phone.

If you do, please use a hands-free set or use the speakerphone function.

If someone calls you, the same cellular phone etiquette applies except if there is someone in your car and you are using the speakerphone, let the caller know the first thing. A date could also mean lunch with your mother, or coffee with the ladies. Cellular phone etiquette is to not be obsessed with your phone.

Whenever your phone beckons, answer it quickly, make it brief.

If you get a text message, quickly glance at it, and if it is not urgent, reply later.

Do not fall into an SMS conversation with someone else when you are in company. At a party or gathering, do not take your cell phone out and tinker with it, send text messages just because you are bored. The only time you should pick it up TO silence or stop the ringing if he has not switched to silent mode in the restaurant.