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Married Men & Women are consulting lots of sexologist and specialised doctors regarding their issue and problems such as low sexual desire and minimal sexual attraction with the partner.

They had also problems regarding decline in sexual intimacy and satisfaction.

Women are always complaining that their partner are losers at bed and are very boring at times.

After meeting each other and understanding each other they started making love & sex as common thing which we see between one couple.

And we seen this things growing consistently through ages.

But now we had come to new modern age where we are seeing lots of cases about divorces, break ups , fight between married couples that is due to only one reason that their desire for sex and love is fading in their relationship.

Married Men & Women are often discovering low sexual desire and love is disappearing between them and due to this lots of researchers are trying to find out how is happening and what is the reason for these type of problems and also probably finding out solution.

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