Feehily publicly came out as gay in the UK tabloid The Sun, and announced his long-term relationship with Kevin Mc Daid, a member of the now-defunct British boy band V.In an interview he said, "My life has got umpteen times better.

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It`s the best thing I`ve ever done." Unlike his band mates, for years Feehily did not discuss his private life.

Mark and Kevin got engaged on their 5th anniversary.

Separated|2005 - 2011|Mark Feehily was engaged to Kevin Mc Daid from 28th January, 2010 to December, 2011.|2005-01-00|2011-12-00|Mark Feehily and Kevin Mc Daid were engaged for 1 year.

They dated for 5 years after getting together in Jan 2005.

They were engaged on 28th Jan 2010 but later separated in Dec 2011.

Here I'm going to make the list of better performances: Studio: Flying without wings Love is a drug Talk me down Total eclipse of the heart I'll be there Wide open Beautiful world Live: Flying without wings (For the last time Live 2011)Bohemian Rhapsody (The Farewell Tour Live at Croke Park 2012)Where Is The Sun ("A Night For Christy" 2013) Safe (Live on BBC - Children In Need 2010)Halo/How To Break A Heart (Where We Are Tour 2010)In my opinion, I think Mark's best 2 live performances are What About Now live Where We Are Tour, and Halo/How To Break A Heart.

Just that Powerful C5 Mark sings at the end of What About Now, then those Highs he hits in Halo/How To Break A Heart.

That C5 Mark hits in What About Now is so strong, and powerful.

There really aren't many male, or for that matter even female singers in this day and age that could sustain that Tenor high C for that amount of time and still finish strong as hell like he does.