I'm worried that I might regret it but the alternative is a pair of sagging nipples that I spend the rest of my life worrying about.Hi, I haven't had one but just wanted to reply as I felt really sorry for you reading your post. I can relate as after my second I feel that my Breasts stayed soft.

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However, if this post was a result of your mums comments only then I would wait until you get her words out of your head. I'd been thinking about surgery before my mothers comments but I'd always been put off by the thought of silicone being inserted into my chest!!

If I wasn't so squeamish I wonder whether I'd be feeling more certain about it... Before having children, i was an A cup and since I was an adolescent I'd wish for larger breasts.

When my mother said what she'd said, I just thought, "she's right, why am I pretending it's all ok, I look terrible".

When my husband first saw them after I finished breastfeeding he looked a little shocked and (kindly!

) said something along the lines of, "they're smaller... " Now when I bring it up he says he likes them and they're natural but I think he's just saying that not to hurt my feelings.

I did have a boob job three years ago and I am over the moon with it.It really increased my self-image and my husband is so happy too. Happy to discuss in more details if you want to email me. I had a boob job 30+ years ago before my younger daughter was two.After I finished breastfeeding my second baby, I quickly made the depressing discovery that my previously small breasts had become even smaller and flatter. I'm slim and tall and only within the last few years had I come to terms with not having a petite, feminine frame."They look like pancakes" remarked my mother this weekend after she caught a glimpse of them in a clothes' store changing room. I'm so flat, wearing a bra is completely unnecessary.My question is, has anyone ever had breast enlargement surgery and are you happy with the change?I only know of one person that had implants and she removed them a year later as they were too big.