magazine about her personal and professional lives, giving us our first real glimpse into who Kreayshawn is, where she’s from, and where she’s hoping to go.

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“Honestly man,” she tells , “this is no disrespect to Nicki Minaj because she’s got talent. But when it comes to inspiring young women, her message is to be a Barbie — to be plastic, to be fake, to all have blonde hair. My whole thing is, hopefully, when I come out, girls aren’t trying to dress like me.

They’re taking their effort to go find their own style, own voice and own brand like I did.”Considering Nicki also enjoys faking bisexuality, Kreyshawn might be a little more real in that aspect, too.

At 21 and still new to the game, Kreayshawn is just beginning to find her footing in the public eye.

I’m an occasional lesbian, but it’s more for me about a personal connection. I’m just out here in the free world doing the free thing.

It would appear Kreayshawn has no interest in being labeled a lesbian, despite dabbling in lesbianism.

It’s interesting she chose to identify herself with the word “lesbian” and not use bisexual, queer or another phrase.This could be based on how the question to her was phrased (which wasn’t published with her answer), or it could be that Kreayshawn prefers to be known as sexually free, despite mostly dating — maybe even exclusively dating — women.Still, there seems to be some negativity aligned with being a “raging” lesbian, which I assume she means is 24/7, full-time lesbian as opposed to the occasional kind.But what is refreshing about Kreyshawn’s discussing of her sexuality is that being out in hip-hop is still a taboo. For example, Lady Sovereign remained closeted until after she lost her deal with Def Jam, and Rainbow Noise, despite their “Imma Homo” going viral and getting tons of plays on the net, did not sign with a larger label or receive any further attention than some linkage on music blogs.Kreayshawn, on the other hand, is rumored to have just signed a million dollar deal with Sony, though she tells She also feels like guys rap about things like “putting it [a girl’s] butt, getting her pregnant” and women still listen to the music.But she’s attempting to make it “less disgusting.” And I have to say, I love the hook for “Gucci Gucci”: “One big room / full of bad bitches.”Besides being sexually free, Kreyshawn also hopes to encourage fans to be themselves, not to emulate her style and the kinds of things she wears or how she does her hair.