Hayley didn’t adjust to the public school as well as they’d hoped, she was bullied and felt like she didn’t belong there.

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When Hayley attended the tutoring sessions, she met her future, now previous, band mates Josh and Zac Farro, and ended up as their band’s singer.

Hayley also dated guitarist Josh Farro but they broke up during the recording of their 2nd album, .

The break up made everyone in the band very tense and these feelings were addressed on their 3rd album, “brand new eyes”.

Hayley’s dad can be seen in the band’s music video .

Hayley’s mother described the birth of Hayley by saying “it was the only time when Hayley wasn’t late.” When Hayley was a teenager, she and her mother moved to Tennessee when Hayley’s mother broke up with Hayley’s ex-stepfather.

The breakup was messy and her ex-stepfather was abusive, but gave Hayley the inspiration to write a song called .

The mother and the daughter returned to Mississippi for a while but returned to Tennessee for good, and that was where Hayley started attending a public school.

Welcome to Paramore Online, your first and most comprehensive International Source for Paramore. Here you will find the latest Paramore pictures, media (if possible), the latest news and everything about the band. Name: Hayley Nichole Williams Date of birth: December 27th, 1988 Place of birth: Meridian, Mississippi, USA Current city: Franklin, Tennessee, USA Nickname(s): H-Ball, Hayles, Spongebob Educational background: Graduated high school in 2006 Height: 5’2” (156cm) Eye color: Green Hair color: Originally dirty blonde, now yellow/light brown Relationship status: Engaged Siblings: Two younger half sisters Hayley Nichole Williams was born in Meridian, Mississippi on .

By international we mean that we have different sections with their own language and staff (e. She was the first child to both of her parents but she became a big sister a few years later when her dad remarried and had two daughters.