The most important crops grown in the States are also tobacco, soy-beans, peanuts , grapes and many others. For example, California oranges, grapefruit, lemons, as well as other fruits, wines and vegetables are shipped all over the States and to other parts of the world.Downtown is the cluster of skyscrapers imitations of New York giants. If a college student completes a course of study in arts or science, he or she gets Bachelor of Arts or Science degree. The weekend usually starts on Friday night and lasts till Monday.

Limited liability companies are divided into public and private ones. Given under my hand at London this tenth day of July one thousand nine hundred and ninety four.

Only public companies may offer shares to the public at the stock exchange. A secretary answers telephone calls, receives messages and makes telephone calls on the instruction of her boss.

A secretary also helps in organization of meetings and con­ferences, entertainments of visiting customers, suppliers and other associates of the firm.

The most famous American universities are: Uni­versity of California, State University of New York, Columbia University and others. Many officials and the public demand that the Sunday trading rules should be abolished in the U. There are many one-man owners, for example: a fanner, doctor, solicitor, estate agent, garage man, jobber, builder, hairdresser etc.

work thanksgiving Thanksgiving (Day) to date back to … The partnership is a firm where there are a few partners.

They are firms of solicitors, architects, auditors, management consultants etc. or by Acts o Parliament, and are to be registered with the Registrar of companies.

The names of all the partners of the firm are printed on the stationery of a partnership. In order to be registered they are to deliver a few documents, namely: I hereby certify that the Goldfields, Limited is this day incorporated under Companies Acts, 1862 to 1994, and that the Company is Limited.

The United States has a lot of mineral deposits or resources such as coal, gold, silver, copper, lead and zink. As to big cities their centres or downtowns look very much alike. A college does not have graduate or professional programs. Most employees have a five-day working week, Monday through Friday. Overtime is quite common and is generally paid, often at a premium to the basic rate of pay.

Many American residential areas tend to have a similar look. Chicago with a population of more than three and a half million is the second largest city in the U. Other big cities are Huston, an oil refining and NASA space research centre, New Orleans, a cotton industry centre, Los Angeles with Hollywood, Phyladelphia, a shipping com­mercial centre, Detroit, a world's leading motor car producer and many others. Many banks are usually open for customers from a.m. Some businesses and industries traditionally work different hours.