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Interesting, of course, when you’re carrying high AND out front … To be honest, guessing your baby’s gender based on old wives tales is just a bit of fun.

Find a ring and thread through a strand of your hair or string.

Dangle the ring over your belly and wait until the ring starts to swing. If you crave sweet it’s a girl, sour/savoury it’s a boy.

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You don’t have to be pregnant long before people start commenting on your baby bump (or worse … ) Anyway here are the 10 fun ways to try to find out the sex of your baby before it’s born …

Most of the comments will be along the lines of “you’re carrying high – must be a girl! We had some fun when some of our own Bub Hub members took part in our Baby Gender Old Wives Tale Test a while ago (click the link to see the full results but, according to our not-very-scientific tests, the best way to predict your unborn baby’s gender is to check its heart rate!