When it asks if you have a Pay Pal account answer yes or no and follow the instructions.If you pay for multiple lessons, I will save as many appointments as you prepay for.Otherwise I will save one lesson appointment without prepayment. I have worked with as young as 5 years old and I am happy to try working with younger students.

When I teach privately, I also teach how to physically play techniques, we learn songs (some off of recordings) and we jam. I do not teach reading music unless you request it. There is information in written music, just like there is information in a book.

On You Tube there are many teachers talking about how to play physically but very few if any teaching how to choose good sounding notes. However, private students will learn the same information at a much deeper level as I am able to lead them through finding the answers by themselves and make sure they truly understand the concepts. If a person is struggling with an idea, I may suggest learning to read music to see if that is how they will learn the information. Half of the book is harmonica techniques and half is the basics of music theory as it relates to the harmonica.

Each lesson will focus on the physical techniques of playing the harmonica. Send $20 which includes shipping and handling to the Pay Pal below. For $30, get the set of the book and my music CD Call of My Harp.

A webcam for your computer is surprisingly inexpensive ($50 - $100 estimated price).

Once you have one we can work together with video and audio over the internet. I accept cash, check (email me for my address if prepaying by check) and credit or debit charge through Pay Pal.

If you do not have a Pay Pal account, you can still use it to pay me and I will not see your credit card information.Please click on the Pay Pal button at the bottom of this page when making an online payment for lessons.The Free Minds Project provides Austin-area adults living on limited incomes with a chance to explore their intellectual potential.The program offers a free year-long college course in humanities to adults who have faced barriers to education.Free Minds is a program of Foundation Communities, affiliated with The Clemente Course in the Humanities, maintaining strong partnerships with UT Austin and Austin Community College, bridging the non-profit and academic worlds in innovative ways. By removing the barriers that often prevent working-class adults from pursuing higher education, Free Minds creates a dynamic community of learners–one that takes on foundational thinkers and texts while honoring the life experiences of its members.If you do not live in Austin (or want to save gas) and you want lessons, no problem!