Want to design your own custom t-shirts, but don’t know where to start? Find your favorite photo, design, or image and upload it onto one of our cool shirt templates and exercise your artistic side.You can even add your own text to craft a message for the whole world to see.

For example, dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd, and so on.

The following pattern letters are defined (all other characters from 'A' to 'Z' and from 'a' to 'z' are reserved): Letter Date or Time Component Presentation Examples G Era designator Text AD y Year Year 1996; 96 M Month in year Month July; Jul; 07 w Week in year Number 27 W Week in month Number 2 D Day in year Number 189 d Day in month Number 10 F Day of week in month Number 2 E Day in week Text Tuesday; Tue a Am/pm marker Text PM H Hour in day (0-23) Number 0 k Hour in day (1-24) Number 24 K Hour in am/pm (0-11) Number 0 h Hour in am/pm (1-12) Number 12 m Minute in hour Number 30 s Second in minute Number 55 S Millisecond Number 978 z Time zone General time zone Pacific Standard Time; PST; GMT- Z Time zone RFC 822 time zone -0800 (from Java API doc) The more commonly used patterns can be used by a combination of y (representing a year digit), M (representing a month digit) and d (representing a date digit).

Examples of patterns are dd/MM/yyyy, dd-MM-yyyy, MM/dd/yyyy, yyyy-MM-dd.

They're great as gifts, team uniforms, or a new staple for your personal wardrobe.

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