People of all genders and sexual orientations practice fisting.

The giver should wait until the receiver is relaxed before trying to gently insert the full hand.

Both the receiver and giver can learn to feel when the muscles are relaxed enough to accept an entire hand.

It’s important for the receiver to let the giver know if they feel any pain or discomfort Once inside, even the slightest movement can be very intense for the receiver.

Gentle movements, including twisting of the hand, can feel good.

Experienced receivers may enjoy more vigorous movement, including in-and-out motion.

For some people with a vagina, stimulation of the G-spot (an area on the front wall of the vagina) can feel good – this can be done by making a beckoning motion with the fingers, towards the belly button.

People with prostates may also enjoy this same motion.

The giver should start with gentle penetration using one or more fingers.

Plenty of lubrication should be used along the entire hand, from fingertips to wrist.

As the receiver’s body relaxes and is able to accept more penetration, more fingers can be inserted.

The giver should move slowly and check in often about what feels good for the receiver.