In this episode, I discuss some important insights from my Paleo f(x) talk and audience responses to it, including the potential dangers of treating type 1 diabetes with a low-carb diet, the importance of carbs and body fat for fertility and sex hormones, and why some people might have a great sex hormone profile on a long-term ketogenic diet despite the importance of insulin’s contribution to fertility. Right-click (control-click on the Mac) here and choose “save as” (“save link as” on Mac) to download. This is Chris Masterjohn, and you’re listening to episode 11 of the Daily Lipid. I did not put a podcast out last week, last week was crazy.I also discuss Headspace meditation, contrast showers, Snapchat, U. Wellness Meats liverwurst, Kettle and Fire’s upcoming chicken broth and chicken mushroom broth, and my interview with Ben Greenfield. It was the end of the semester, and Paleo f(x) all in the same – all in the matter of two days. I highly recommend the entire series as a source of creative inspiration. Here is the link to my podcast interview with Ben Greenfield. Com editorial on carbs and insulin support for the antioxidant system and protection against glycation. Perfect Health Diet debate about carbs and thyroid: Colpo, PHD, Colpo, PHD, PHD (while the limitations and implications are debated, these posts contain references clearly showing that low-carb diets as tested decrease thyroid hormone levels) A classic and highly related post of mine: The Central Role of Thyroid Hormone in Governing LDL Receptor Activity and the Risk of Heart Disease This transcript was generously provided by Cassandra Barns.

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I learned the science about cold showers and contrast showers from Found My Fitness, specifically the February 11 and May 3 episodes.

If you only want part of what’s in here, you can use this to navigate: Meditating with Headspace Contrast showers Snapchat Paleo f(x) U. Wellness Meats liverwurst Kettle and Fire chicken and chicken mushroom broth Ben Greenfield interviewed me for his podcast The importance of body fat and carbohydrate intake for fertility Low-carb diet for type 1 diabetes, with low thyroid and sex hormones as side effect Great sex hormone profile on a long-term ketogenic diet Upcoming stuff Here is the link to Headspace, although I would recommend downloading it from your app store if you use a smart phone.

Final exams ended on Wednesday, flew out Thursday to Paleo f(x), I was caught between getting final grades in, getting my travel together, getting my presentation together, and so on.

But I am back, folks, and got a lot of stuff lined up for you today.

So today’s going to be one of the shorter episodes, where it’s kind of going to be a grab bag of things from Paleo f(x) or general updates that I think will be of value to you.

And then I will leave you with a sneak peek of what’s coming up for the rest of the week, and some things that’ll be coming out next week. Meditating with Headspace I told you last time that I added meditation to my morning routine.

I have continued to stick with that, so one of the first things I do in the morning is meditate for ten minutes with the Headspace app.

And if you’re on the fence about this, or you haven’t tried it yet, I’m going to link to the Headspace app in the show notes, because having a well-organized app has really made the make or break difference for me to actually develop the habit and stick with it.

And there is a lot of stuff that looks like it’s really great if you pay for a subscription to Headspace, but right now I haven’t done that yet.