For the past few years, the National Park Service has employed a hunter to shoot all hogs on the beach.The beach hunts have been effective in reducing sea turtle nest depredation; only four nests have been reported as depredated by feral hogs since 2002. The Park Service acknowledges that all feral hogs should be removed from the island, A significant and sustained effort to hunt and trap all the feral hogs is the best long-term solution. Barrett Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management University of California Berkeley, California 94720 Grant H.

Depredating feral hogs video

The feral hogs’ foraging and rooting activities have also greatly disturbed the island’s plant communities, interfered with essential nutrient cycling and patterns of plant succession, removed vegetation vital for stabilizing the fragile dunes, and even destroyed archeological sites.

Feral hogs feed heavily on endangered longleaf pine seedlings, affecting the regeneration of this important plant species.

This disruption of the island’s flora directly impacts the island wildlife that is dependent on those various plant communities for food, shelter, and nesting.

Feral Hog Regulations in Texas Jared Timmons Extension Assistant Dept.

Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences Texas Agri Life Extension Service Feral Hog Classification Classified as exotic livestock not wildlife Not owned by anyone until control is expressed by capture or harvest I need a hunting license?

If the feral hog is depredating a property the landowner or their agent do not need one.

If hunting for trophy or food need a hunting license.

Good idea to have hunting license if trapping or snaring because of non-targets.

For more info look in TPWD Outdoor Annual Legal control methods Trapping Snaring Shooting Aerial During day Ground Day or night Dogs Toxicants/Contraceptives No legal toxicant or contraceptive for use in the U. Movement Regulated by TAHC Can be held in escape- proof trailer 7 days Slaughtered immediately Taken to Approved Holding Facility followed by slaughter Can be moved across county lines.