” Kids all over the state and beyond would proudly refer to themselves as Little Bighorns.Those Montanans whose births predate the first Super Bowl might be known as the team’s Old Faithful.Every time the Bighorns scored, a geyser would erupt behind an end zone.

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In other words, it could have been drawn up by 90 percent of the league’s offensive coordinators. What if the Rams had moved to a state named after a four-time Super Bowl–winning quarterback? Louis, the origin point of the Lewis and Clark expedition, had relocated to the town where Captain William Clark once etched his name (on a slab at Pompeys Pillar)? The team’s fans would tailgate along the Yellowstone River, proudly donning shirts that read, “Talk is sheep!

While it makes fiscal sense for a monolith like the NFL to have a team in Los Angeles, the country’s second-largest metropolitan area, the move is uninspired and conservative. But what if they had decided to, for example, migrate to Montana?

Angelenos mostly greeted the news with a “Cool, bro,” and returned to tracking their daily fantasy lineups.

The news did not cause traffic to stop in Los Angeles—and not just because that’s already the default mode on its freeways.

Louis Rams, announced that the franchise would be returning to southern California after a 21-year absence.

“And I think that there could be some land carved out for a football stadium and parking facility too.”Before you scoff—oh, too late? The town of Green Bay, Wisconsin, home to the most devoted fans in the NFL, has approximately 105,000 people.