"your girlfriend could have been a burn victim, an amputee, a dead body..Gosh darn I wanted to F*ck." "An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men." - Thomas Fuller "Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret" "Here are plenty of folks out there that can tell you how the clouds form to create a thunderstorm, but, don't have the common sense to get out of the rain."-Me5/30/05 210lbs 8/14/05 174lbs (18.85%BF) 6/13/05 203lbs 6/20/05 198 lbs 6/27/05 192 lbs 26% BF 7/04/05 188.5 lbs 7/11/05 187 lbs 23 % BF 7/17/05 183.5 lbs 7/25/05 185 (weekend vacation not as strict) 7/31/05 178 8/7/05 175.5 Without a doubt....miss out on what could potentially be a very good relationship just because of possible hangs ups other people have about people who are physically challenged....Just do what makes you happy man....that rack is gonna make you very happy Be honest bro you noticed her face and tits first so concentrate on that...and also the she's nice and blah blah blah bull****..more comfortable with her as a person and you'll be more comfortable with her leg..never know she may look at your c0ck and be repulsed who knows Lifts: Squat: 430x1 Bench: 330x1 Deadlift: 555x1 OHP: 210x1 Weight: 180 lbs. Because as long as someone's leading the way, the best you'll ever be is second.Future reps to: mrcarter1990 Am I the only one to say "no"? You will get stares in public, and now you may say "who cares I like her", but over time it will get tiring and get to you.

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She has a transtibial amputation wich is about 4 inches below her left knee.

It was due to a water skiing accident when she was 8 years old.

It doesn't look too weird, there a little discoloration and 2 large scars but thats it.

She wears a prosthetic and walks with a slight limp but you can't tell with shoes and jeans on.

Please stay away, good luck bro in whatever you decide. EDIT: I just read most of that post, he has a picture of his girls leg on the last page if you want to see what I'm getting into. You will get stares in public, and now you may say "who cares I like her", but over time it will get tiring and get to you.

OMG I'm hoping people don't really think / act like the people on his board. She wont really be able work out with you, or go hiking and whatnot. When you get to know her better, you'll see she is somewhat self-concious about it, and you will soon share these concerns.Please stay away, good luck bro in whatever you decide.She isn't worried about it and doesnt act self concious of it so I just don't bring it up. and think about it you have a real good chance to have something good here...since she is an ampute you can only imagine how many of the guys have treated her bad so go on be a good man and show her how good you are.But we have been talking for a while, I really like her but Im still kinda weirded out when she takes her shoe and then foot off when she lays on my couch. Sex could be interesting too If it has the potential to be serious.is blind...We made out a little last night and I have to make the decision to stay or not, I think I am but I just want to see what you guys say. When you have love, they could be the ugliest person in the world, but beautiful to you.Or you can take it like Phil Anselmo is the song "good friends and a bottle of pills".