The dates these women get to go on during the show become their dating reality. Literally, the rose is what keeps them on the show. If I am not mistaken, there is usually an extremely high chance that The Bachelor and his chosen mate end up in heartbreak. Honestly, it’s the purest form of dating with rose-colored glasses on. I don’t think a professional firework display is possible, unless ABC is involved.

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They know exactly who that fireworks display is for… There are numerous days of travel every week to the next dreamy location to hopefully fuel what seems like falling in love.

If you ask me, that “Swimming with the Bay of Pigs” episode in the current season was a real ‘humdinger’ (probably one of the weirdest things I have ever seen). Are dating expectations set so high during the show that Mr.

So, back to that word I mentioned earlier: fantasy. Bachelor is unable to fully deliver those fantastical dates? Could these ‘bachelor standard’ dates swoon you to love? I’m not saying it can’t happen, I’m just suggesting that you try not to have a ‘Bachelor standard’ mindset to dating after being brainwashed by the show. Just wish upon a star and hope for Chris Harrison to come knocking at your door.

There is probably some kind of universal agreement that when you begin dating someone new there has to be a vibe or connection.

Feelings have to be on the horizon to feel confident in what could potentially be ‘setting the course of a long-term relationship’ or whatever the other individual is looking for.

Not everyone believes in soul mates, but in our world we have the perfect solution to finding and weeding out the most potential candidates. For years, our televisions have been graced with “the most dramatic season yet”, heartbreak, fantasy and foolery of this so called “reality experience to find a spouse for the most beautiful people on planet earth.” Let’s focus on one word here — FANTASY.

For those of you who may not know, one of the main aspects of the show is for the chosen Bachelor to go on both group and individual dates with their potential, pick-out-of-the-litter, fiancé.

In order to get to the point of falling madly in love, that requires a few normal (by Bachelor standards) dates.

When I say “Bachelor standard” most people already know that doesn’t mean a dinner to nearest Olive Garden and a romantic walk through a downtown.

The ‘Bachelor Standard’ gives the average American man a run for his money, which includes some notably more extensive date settings.

Let’s reflect: There is no without the use of a helicopter taking away the happy duo to some remote, geographically gorgeous location in hopes of setting the atmosphere for falling in love: ocean view, candle light dinner, wine, dancing under the stars…something girls dream about at least once. Then, there’s the magical fireworks display over a beautiful, random city skyline.