A team of top physicians, including oncologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons and radiation oncologists, customizes your breast cancer treatment to be sure it is the most-advanced and least-invasive possible.Our skilled plastic surgeons offer multiple reconstruction options, using innovative procedures that focus on your quality of life.And a specially trained support team, including nurses, dietitians and therapists, helps make sure you receive personalized, coordinated breast cancer care.

Connally Breast Center, you benefit from the expertise available at one of the most comprehensive and complete breast cancer centers in the United States.

Cancer is mentally and physically challenging, but don't let it shut you down.

Dust yourself off and get back up, even if you have to crawl.

This is your life, after all, and it's worth fighting for.

Leaphart, who is chronicling her journey in a documentary called Scar Story, says she wants to show scars are nothing to be ashamed of - while campaigning for affordable healthcare in the face of life-threatening illnesses.

She hopes her walk will show the world scars are nothing to be ashamed of.

Leaphart (pictured) wants to bring the attention of lawmakers to the need for affordable healthcare for those faced with life-threatening illnesses It could be illegal to walk topless on the street in certain states such as North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi and North Carolina, ABC News legal correspondent Sunny Hostin said - but he doesn't think legislation will stand in her way.

When you are treated for breast cancer at MD Anderson’s Nellie B.

We have the expertise to examine each breast cancer tumor carefully to determine gene-expression profiles, which then guide us toward the most effective, gentlest treatment targeted specifically to the cancer.

Special clinics focus on caring for patients with particular needs, including women with inflammatory breast cancer and young women.

In addition, we have extensive expertise in treating breast cancer during pregnancy and helping women preserve fertility after breast cancer treatment.