It was the smooth Cardinal Pell, not the Cardinal Pell we saw on the stand."Emma suffered from eating disorders, drug addiction and self harm and in 2008 she overdosed on medication and died at age 26.

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A man whose two daughters were raped by a priest has confronted George Pell, telling him "I am a broken man" after the Cardinal's second day of testimony via video link to the child abuse royal commission.

Cardinal Pell faced the commission from a Rome hotel, drawing gasps from survivors as he declared the crimes of notorious paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale were a "sad story" but "not of much interest" to him at the time.

Anthony Foster's daughters Emma and Katie were raped by Melbourne priest Father Kevin O'Donnell when they were in primary school in the 1980s.

Mr Foster confronted Cardinal Pell outside the hearing at the Hotel Quirinale, saying he had given up hope the Cardinal would fix the church's so-called Melbourne Response to the abuse scandal."He held my hand for the whole duration of the chat that we had and I expressed to him that he was holding the hand of a broken man, and he put his other hand on me and tried to I suppose connect in some way, but I didn't feel it," Mr Foster said."Quest over.

Other survivors said they were taken aback by Cardinal Pell's comments."It beggars belief that he could have said he wasn't interested in hearing about the crimes of my uncle," abuse survivor and Ridsdale's nephew David Ridsdale said."We are speaking of moral leaders of towns and cities, and for them to have no interest in such behaviour seems remarkable."Fellow survivor Philip Nagle said: "Cardinal Pell is a very astute and a very bright man, so how can he say he didn't know and he is the one putting the accusations back on his superiors that they lied and deceived him?

"Cardinal Pell denied he knew about the crimes of Ridsdale at the time, saying he was grossly deceived by other senior clergy members as the paedophile priest was shifted from parish to parish.

Cardinal Pell agreed Ridsdale was shifted more than would be usual, but said he did not recall questioning why during a meeting of church consultors in the 1970s, saying "there would have been some generalised explanation"."Obviously there was a series of difficulties, but it certainly was not stated that those difficulties touched on paedophilia and crimes," Cardinal Pell said in relation to Ridsdale's movements."They certainly did not mention that the reason he was being shipped was because of paedophilia."Ridsdale was convicted for abusing more than 50 children over 30 years, but the real number could be higher.

Q: "Bishop Mulkearns said nothing at the meeting [about Gerald Ridsdale's abuse]? "A: "I certainly am." Q: "I suggest Cardinal, that it is implausible ...

that the other consultors, including you, did not know why it was necessary for [Ridsdale] to be moved."A: "That is a complete non sequitur.