“We’re really sweet, there’s no put on,” Luis explains.“If you say that we look good together onscreen and have that unmistakable chemistry, it’s because we’re really like that even in real life. In the movies we did together like About Your Love and Cute Ang Ina Mo,’ there’s no acting.We’re just being ourselves.”But Luis hastens to add that they never want to give false hopes to their fans that they could be together in real life.

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It’s true that he made Anne a beneficiary of his insurance policy, except that it seemed, no one took his word seriously.

Luis says he’s not at all bothered by the slow progress of his career despite what other showbiz observers are saying.

He’s not impatient nor in a hurry, saying that the pace is just right.

He had a recent meeting with his ABS-CBN bosses and he was informed of their plans for Luis for next year.

I don’t know if I was offered to host it all since no one talked to me about the matter,” explains Luis who’s also a mainstay of the ABS-CBN musical variety show ASAP ’07.

Going back to the exercise video Bump & Burn being endorsed by Luis and Anne, he says it’s perfect for people who would want to lose weight and develop their abs even if they don’t have time to go the gym.

They can enjoy a happy and effective workout in the comfort of their home.

He’s not in the liberty to disclose the details of such plan because of it’s still confidential.

But he says this involves a hosting job and an acting job in a soap opera.

"It's pretty enough to make be busy,” says the eldest son of Governor Vilma Santos and TV-host Edu Manzano.

"I never heard talks about me being offered to host the said show.