The young people face their own challenges: the former star fighting to overcome a tragic injury; the cheerleader torn by conflicting emotional loyalties to two players; the quarterback overwhelmed with responsibilities on and off the field (while dating the coach's daughter); the cocky running back who's turned to performance enhancers . We will all be tested - In the town of Dillon, Texas, football is life, and no one knows that better than new head Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler).Pressure mounts as the Dillon Panthers, led by star quarterback Jason Street (Scott Porter), face their first game of the season.Through faith and courage, tragedy turns to healing - In the wake of star quarterback Jason Street's serious injury, the town of Dillon turns to prayer.

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Audiences cheer the first season of this poignant and powerful drama.

The intimate storytelling and the inspired performances involve the viewer with an authentic portrait of life, love, family, and friendships that really hits home.

Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) is under intense pressure from the entire town to lead the high school football team to the championship.

Wife Tami (Connie Britton, also from the hit movie) provides loving support and is also a counselor at the school. All this and more come together for a truly human drama.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose - After a difficult loss to the underdog Milbank Rattlers, the town of Dillon has turned on Coach Taylor.

School officials point fingers, parents argue, and team morale is at an all time low.As injured quarterback Jason Street begins rehab, emotion and frustration culminate in a fight, thrusting Lyla into the arms of another.Fearing not only for his players, but also his job, Coach Taylor pulls the team together and works one-on-one with the nervous rookie quarterback.Lyla faithfully stands by her man in the hospital, providing him with the courage he needs to recover.The team appears united as game day approaches -- pledging to win it for their fallen comrade.Connie Britton, Adrianne Palicki, Jesse Plemons and Aimee Teegarden also star.