“There are all these amazing books and just beautiful images of animals and rainbows and all really intricate,” the 26-year-old London consultant tells SELF.

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It’s almost normal now to pop in a coffee shop and see a grown woman with her colored pencils Van Gogh-ing an intricately drawn butterfly.

It makes sense, since studies have shown that coloring can help reduce anxiety and bring about a calming state of mindfulness.

But think about it: Has there truly been an coloring book to hit the shelves?

That’s what crossed Sarah Mc Donnell’s mind when she started parsing through adult coloring books last September at a local bookstore.

She hopes the funny book can make people more comfortable talking about sex.

“I think for me it’s just empowering people to accept something that happens all the time.

It’s completely natural, it’s fun, and I think we need to talk about it more and accept it more,” she says.

She says she drew from her own experience, her friends’ sex lives, and even poses in the Titled “Force of Nature,” Mc Donnell says this illustration came straight from a friend’s story of having sex in a garden.

“I sent her the book to give her boyfriend as a surprise,” she says.

Image Credit: Sarah Mc Donnell “One page led to another and I ended up with 20 positions that were inspired by things that I’d done myself [and] stories that friends had told me over the years,” she said.

“It just escalated from there.” She got together with her friends at the pub to think of cheeky names for the illustrations—like “The Cunning Linguist” and “Hot Cycle”—and in January, she published the book herself online. It retails for £15, which is about , and she’s already sold hundreds of copies.